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FAQ (Help)

Not sure what is all about? Read some of the FAQ bellow

What is all about?
This is a place where rich / wealthy people can publish their classified ads in a relavant category and also a place where people can publish their ads if they are looking for a rich / wealthy people (sugar daddies, sugar mommies) or offering a service.
Why classified ads for rich/wealthy people?
Our main website allows people to register as an escort girl / call girl / erotic masseuse or feature porn star. We are into this "industry" for a while now and we noticed that there is also a high demand for classified ads where for a change rich/wealthy people can publish their own classified ad and describe what or who are they looking for. It's pretty similar than so called millionaire dating service just much easier and without registration needed.
Why is our website / service better than other similar websites?
First of all you can very easy easily publish your own classified ad on our website. You don't need to be a registered user, you don't need any kind of membership or public profile and our service is not really a matchmaking / dating website. It's like a bulletin board. Visitors interested into your ad can contact you or leave you a comment so you will be able to contact them back.
Is it only for rich/wealthy people?
You can publish your own classified ad for FREE so no it's not only for rich/wealthy people. Right now we are focused into rich/wealthy people who wants to publish their own ad and also for people who are looking for rich/wealthy people or so called sugar daddies and sugar momies. Just make sure you will publish your ad in a relavant category.
How i can publish my own ad?
First you will need to go here and choose a proper type of your ad. Depends of your choice you will be then redirected to the first step of ad publishing. Continue till the end of the procedure and on your last step you will receive a confirmation email to your email address. When you will visit a confirmation link in that email your ad will become visible.
Your ad verification and ranking order?
Your ad will become visible on our website as soon as you will confirm it by clicking on a verification link which we will send it to your email just before the end of your ad publishing. You can also upload a picture of you with some kind of proof (such as a list of paper with our domain in your hands). With verified pictures in your ad your ad will rank in front of other normal ads on our website. When you will publish an ad as a rich/wealthy person (in relavant category) you can also verify that you are really a rich perosn by paying a fee for 1 year premium ad. Premium ads are of course displayed before other ads and they are also featured on the right side and receive higher exposure.
Can your ad be editer or removed later?
Together with confirmation link we will also send you your personal link where you can access to some kind of admin panel for your ad. There you can change some things like title, description, upload more pictures, remove pictures and you can also remove/delete your ad there.
Do i need to publish my contact details publicly?
On the second step of your ad publishing you can choose how will be your contact details displayed or if you want to hide it. You can enable comments bellow your ad and your contact details will be hidden but every user who is interested in your ad will be able to post a comment bellow. You can latter read those comments in admin panel of your ad and only contact people which you find interesting.
Can i earn money with my ad?
When publishing your ad you can choose that your contact details are only visible on request (on payment). In that case visitor who is interested in your ad will need to pay a fee of 9.99 EUR and your contact details will be emailed to them. You will earn 20% of every payment and will receive payment after threshold will be reached! You will be able to see stats and users who payed for your contact details in admin panel of your ad.
How this classified ad will look like?
Well check some examples: Ad with contact details on payment only,
Ad with public displayed contact details,
Ad with hidden contact but with comments / offers enabled - publisher can contact you back,
Contact details revealed on request only - emailed to you for free

Ads types?
Rich / wealthy people can publish their ad into related category here. On the second step you can choose your contact details visibility which can be:
1.) Your contact details are visible to everyone (Sample)
2.) Your contact details are hidden - comments / offers enabled (Sample)
3.) Your contact details are hidden - revealed on request only (Sample)

Those who are looking for a rich and wealthy people or offering a service can publish their ads here. On the second step you can also choose your contact details visibilty which can be:
1.) Your contact details are visible to everyone
2.) Your contact details are hidden - revealed to those who pay a fee! (Sample)

Publisher in this case can also earn money with this kind of ad. Publisher earn 20% of the entire amount and is payed once threshold is reached!

Are publisher contact details REAL and VERIFIED?
When publishing your ad you need to enter your email address on a first step. Email address must be REAL and YOURS. Publisher will receive a confirmation email from us as soon as he complete publishing process. When publisher visit a confirmation link in email his ad become visible on our website. So yes this email address is REAL and VERIFIED otherwise ad will NOT BE VISIBLE on our website!
However publisher can add another email / skype address / yahoo ID or other addresses as a "contact info". This contact info are NOT VERIFIED by us and they are displayed as publisher enter them. So it may be a chance that they are wrong. If we will receive many complains about any of the ad and contact details we will verify them and remove the ad if contact details are wrong!

So it's possible that I pay for a contact details and i receive non existing or wrong contact details?
Publisher can choose an ad type where all interested visitors must pay a fee in order to receive publisher contact details. In this case a payment form is displayed under the ad (example). After payment you will receive an automatically email with publisher contact details on your email which you wrote it in a form. Because you payed for a contact details we will send you publisher's contact details (as he enter it) and also a publisher VERIFIED email address just in case if contact details are wrong. So you will receive at least one contact which is REAL and VERIFIED. If contact details are wrong you can still contact publisher on his/her VERIFIED email address which is 100% REAL (otherwise ad will not be displayed!)
I received publisher contact details but he doesn't respond?
If you think that contact details are wrong or doesn't exist then report this to us. If we will receive any other complain we will contact the publisher and order them to correct them or we will remove this ad. If publisher just don't reply to you and contact details looks ok then we can't do anything about this. Maybe publisher is not interested into you / doesn't have time to reply or anything. We can't guarantee that publisher will answer and reply to you so don't panic and browse through other ads and forget about this one.
I payed for something but didn't receive it. What should i do?
Every payment here goes through Paypal and should be automatic. This mean you SHOULD receive a contact details, for example, as soon as you payed for them. However nothing is 100% sure these days so in case when you think you didn't received things which you payed for, here are some things which you should check before contact us:
- Login into your Paypal account and check that payment is there and status is "COMPLETED"
If payment is not there or status is not COMPLETED then maybe you didn't payed yet and therefore you also didn't receive anything for us yet!
- Check your email address inbox and junk/spam folder
Don't check your paypal email address but the one which you enter or use it here. For example when paying for publisher contact details you enter the email address in a box bellow ad. This email may be different from your Paypal account email address and you will receive our email on email address which you wrote it in the box not on your Paypal email! So check the RIGHT email, wait a few minutes and check your email JUNK / SPAM folder as well.
- Don't panic!!
Don't worry if you really made a payment we will notice that as well and we will check if payment is really there. If payment is there you have nothing to worry about. We will give you what you payed for. It will take some more time than if everything work as it should be you will get what you payed for at the end!

Do you have any additional questions / comments / suggestions?
We want to hear from you so don't hasitate and contact us: info(at)